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Enable Discovery. Advance Cures. Realize Hope.®

UW Medicine Clinical Trials Office (UW CTO) was established in 2018 in partnership between UW School of Medicine and the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) to provide centralized research services, navigation, compliance assessment, research billing and training support for Principal Investigators and their Study Teams for clinical trials conducted at UW Medicine.

We have come together with our local partners, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC) and Seattle Children’s, working on key clinical research initiatives. We are also engaged with our partners across the WWAMI region (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) and nationwide sharing solutions to improve clinical research environment and benefits to our patients.

We offer dedicated clinical research support infrastructure and resources to enable our investigators and their qualified teams to discover new therapies, advance novel treatments to bedside, and to make our patients’ hopes for better health and quality of life a reality.

Our Logo

UW Medicine Clinical Trials Office registered logo

The Heart-HELIX

Illuminating meaningful connections

The heart-helix design element in the UW CTO logo is comprised of two links forming one heart, representing the vital connection between research teams and study participants in clinical research.

Links are connected by a DNA strand symbolizing excellence in scientific research, creating paths for new discovery and advancing of cures. The heart shape represents care and concern for the safety and well-being of human subjects enrolled in our studies.

The UW CTO Paradigm

We are dedicated to helping you find success in your clinical research

Whether you are an investigator, study team, patient, or sponsor, the UW Medicine Clinical Trials Office provides reliable infrastructure and offers help and resources for all aspects of clinical research at the University of Washington and UW Medicine. We are steadfast in our efforts to protect all those participating in clinical trials by adhering to federal, state and institutional policies.